Thursday, February 17, 2005

"Not Guilty In My Book"

(Posted by the father of MM2(SS) Ashley at this link:)

Attached is a brief letter I sent to CDR Mooney. With support I hope to find the answers to why known hazards were ignored by those resposible for keeping our submarine sailors safe.
CDR Kevin Mooney, We are so sorry to hear the news of the Admirals hearing. Be sure, we still can find no place in our hearts to hold you and the crew responsible. There are those who knew of the hazard but did not change the charts to provide safe "road maps" our fleet requires. In the very near future I will be contacting my appropriate legislators to find out why. Not just for my son Joseph, but for all submarine sailors that depend on this information. Our prayers are with you. Dan & Vicki Ashley, MM2 Joseph Ashley's Parents