Friday, January 28, 2005

Another Message from Ashley's LCPO

Posted by Hagar, MMCS(SS) on Thu - Jan 27 - 8:20am:

Today, we hosted the Ashley's, compliments of SubPac who came out with them today.

Last night they arrived on Admiral Fargo's 737, and greeted them.

Today we gave them tours of our boat, the base, and showed them the parts of guam that make this island special.

Almost the entire crew met them at the "top of the mar" club tonight. We had a host dinner, and it was quite the meeting. The COB and CDR Mooney presented a shadow box and Admiral Sullivan had a good speak.

Admiral Sullivan also had a private speak with my boys in Auxiliary Division, and presented coins to every A'gangr. I was humbled.

To say it was a good night just misrepresents the reason we were together, but we were together to remember the reasons that we shared hardship, and heal.

I would say that it was a resounding success....The San Fran is the best boat I've been on in my 20 years of service, and we are not ready to give up.