Friday, May 25, 2012

Still Remembering

It's now been more than seven years since this tragedy, but the memory is still strong.  I started this blog to memorialize MM2(SS) Ashley's unwanted sacrifice.  It seems important, with Memorial Day just a few days away, to once again post. 

There is not much new news- the story is pretty well out there.  I see the blog has been viewed many thousands of times, including regularly even seven years after the disaster.  I saw regular posts in the memorial guest book by submariners and their families.  I noted one post indicating questions about Ashley in a submarine qualification board, leading me to believe he is well remembered in the active duty force.

My own two sons are both in Submarine Force today- one on a boomer, so far away in Washington state, the other now at a new-construction boat in Newport News, but going back to sea within a year.  I cannot imagine the thought of such a wreck as San Francisco ever happening with one of my sons on it.

MM2(SS) Joey Ashley is a hero who gave the ultimate.

Never forget....