Monday, January 10, 2005

Message from a USS San Francisco Crewmember

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Posted by Dean Adams ET2(SS) USS San Francisco SSN-711 on Mon - Jan 10 - 11:52am:

First off I would like to thank everyone who has offered prayers for us over these past few days. It really means alot to the crew to know that the sub force cares about us.

Second, I know it's human nature to speculate but I have read the previous posts and they are way off.

Third, CDR. Mooney is a Capt in the finest sense of the word. No matter what happens, He is MY Captain!

Fourth, Rest in Peace shipmate to my fallen comrade Cooter. It's hard to type this as I am tearing up just thinking about his passing.

Lastly, I have just been able to go topside to see the extent of the damage and if not for the finest Captain and best crew in the sub force, She would not have brought us home.

HOOOYAH San Francisco!!