Monday, January 10, 2005

Recovering from the shock...

OK, I'm settling down here from the shock of tragedy aboard San Francisco, and the typical nuke inquisitiveness is taking over. How could such a thing as this happen? Underwater sea mount? Aren't those waters pretty well charted now that we're deep into the satelite age and 21st century?

I know, investigations, courts of inquiry, etc. will determine all that. I hope they don't keep it too secret too long.

I always knew throughout my 20 career in the sub force that it was dangerous business. But I can not remember anything of this magnitude (nearly a fifth of the crew - 24 - injured) during my service. Some shaky times farting around with soviet boats, the major hydraulic leak in the engine room that filled the air with hydraulic fog, the flooding that turned out to be water that was already in the people tank, not from the sea-- all dangerous moments, but now seems as nothing by comparison with what the crew of the San Francisco must have experienced - in peace time, while heading for a great liberty port!

I guess this is emotion talking. For a bit more level-headed assessment in progress, take a look at the bubblehead blog.